Overcome the Darkness

Around the world, quality of life has shifted for many. Sinister darkness attempts to entangle every man, woman, and child into its clutches of fear. The struggle is real. As an illustration, I see this current darkness like a ‘black hole’ drawing everything into its gravitational pull with no escape. However, there is a remedy—a light that liberates to overcome the darkness. This present darkness is no match for this light. The light is Jesus—the Word of God. His truths lighting the way of escape are in the Holy Bible.

One morning, I was contemplating the deteriorating condition of the world. I wondered what more I could do. My answer came when Jesus said to me, “You know that all who seek Me, find Me. Then as they walk out their lives with Me by their side, I empower them to overcome the world just as I did. You can help by writing to show them the way to a heart-to-heart connection with Me. Then give them the way of escape when they are trapped in darkness.”

As Jesus spoke, the verse John 1:5 came to mind. It says, “This Light never fails to shine through darkness—Light that darkness could not overcome.” No matter how sinister the darkness becomes, the light of Jesus found in the truth of the Bible overcomes it. As a result, devoted followers of Jesus and ardent students of the Bible can become overcomers.

For example, I’m an overcomer. However, I didn’t become one overnight. It was an up and down journey. Through this ‘right of passage,’ I discovered it’s not the mountain top spiritual highs that produce champions of the faith—it’s the crucible in the Valley of Shadow.

Valley of Shadow

Years ago, when I took a public stand for righteousness on a specific issue in the political arena, the sinister darkness pushed back to silence me. Simultaneously, a traumatic life event knocked the wind out of me. Now, blindsided and highly vulnerable, darkness called my name. It drew me out of the ‘light’ into compromise. Before I knew it, darkness engulfed me. The demonic assaulting me on every side.

During this dark season of my soul, my inner tyrant weighed me down with shame. I was afraid to share my condition with anyone. Then one day, Jesus lovingly said to me, “Your failure is My opportunity. I know what plagues you. I will wash you. Renew your mind. You will be clean. Restored to Me!”

Overwhelmed by His unconditional love and mercy, I fell on my face and repented. Now forgiven, His amazing grace lifted me, and the Holy Spirit empowered me to begin the process to overcome the darkness. The Valley of Shadow was no longer my permanent home.

My Walk Out

After that, I began the hard work of soul-searching as I walked out my new freedom—step by step. Small victories encouraged me forward on the path of faith. As I did the practical by daily reading Bible truths, prayer time, and soaking in the presence of Jesus, I became stronger.

Before I knew it, I was solidly back on track. So, if darkness entangles you, don’t be discouraged. We all make mistakes. Remain walking, even if you’re limping, because there is a way out. Here it is.

First, grab your Bible and read it. Ponder and receive its truths because the spiritual battlefield is in your mind. This is where the spiritual tug of war between light and dark is either won or lost.

Secondly, trust Jesus by being honest and ask His help. He will answer you. When He does, receive His loving forgiveness. Yes, it’s all undeserved, but that’s what His grace is all about—His gift given without any strings attached.

Thirdly, forgive and love yourself—the most challenging steps to pull off. Yet, you can accomplish it with the help of Jesus. Just ask Him for what you need. Then receive it.

When you do these three things, get ready. Then, when the time is right, The Holy Spirit will lead you to reach out to others bound by darkness with the same light that set you free.

Shine Your Light

After all this talk about the wrong side of darkness, there is a bright side. Dark exposes those who walk in the ‘light’ of Jesus. So, those entangled in darkness rush to those in the ‘light,’ producing a new reality for them—freedom, healing, and salvation. In effect, this helps usher in the most remarkable revival the world will see.

As Love Ambassadors of Heavenly Father’s Kingdom, we are uniquely wired for such a time as this! So let’s expose the darkness with the light and love of Jesus. As a result, we’ll help push back the tide of sin by leading out of darkness those who can see but are spiritually blind and those who can hear but are spiritually deaf.

When this takes place, you will be a lighthouse set on a hill! Shine so that through you, others can see Jesus. He will help them overcome the darkness.

“You, beloved, are the light of the world. A city built on a hilltop cannot be hidden. Similarly it would be silly to light a lamp and then hide it under a bowl. When someone lights a lamp, she puts it on a table or a desk or a chair, and the light illumines the entire house. You are like that illuminating light. Let your light shine everywhere you go…”

Matthew 5:14-16 (VOICE)