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"Grow in spiritual strength and become better acquainted with our lord and Savior jesus christ." 2 Peter 3:18

Bridal Heart Scribe

Bridal Heart Scribe

Beyond Religion Into—Miraculous Christianity

We are excited that you are searching for Christian resources to enhance your faith journey. Bridal Heart Ministry believes the Bridal Heart Scribe may be a Holy Spirit match for you.

This anointed book is rooted in scripture and brimming with breathtaking examples of Kathleen's God-initiated encounters with angels and translations to heaven. These are genuine Holy Spirit experiences, like those shared by the first-century believers in the Book of Acts, and available for such a time as this for Christians worldwide.

With the Holy Spirit as your guide and Jesus by your side, the Bridal Heart Scribe is a phenomenal resource that can deepen your faith and open your eyes to the secrets of His Kingdom.

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Bridal Heart Diary

Bridal Heart Diary by Kathleen Kaplan 3

Step Into the Life Your Heart Longs For

Are you ready for a breathtaking adventure? The Bridal Heart Diary is a Holy Spirit-inspired journey taking your intimacy with Jesus to new heights!

This book is filled with love messages from Jesus to you, His precious Bride, deepening your heart-to-heart connection with Him. Then Kathleen's heavenly visitations and miraculous testimonies will inspire you to join her as a Bridal Heart. You'll learn how to overcome personal challenges and experience miracles through her scriptural insights.

And guess what? As you read through the pages of the Bridal Heart Diary, you'll be stepping into the miraculous life your heart has longed for—experiencing the presence of Jesus!

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Author Kathleen Kaplan Founder of Bridal Heart

Kathleen Kaplan is not only an author, a prophetic voice, and a scribe for God, but she's also a kingdom entrepreneur, internet missionary, mother of three sons, and wife to Marc. But what sets Kathleen apart is her unwavering dedication to Jesus and Bridal Heart Ministry, which she pours her heart and soul into daily.

Kathleen's passion for spreading the Gospel and sharing God's love with the world is contagious. Her Bridal Heart books and blog posts are jam-packed with Holy Spirit-anointed content that will fill you with joy and inspire you to make intimacy with Jesus your top priority. After you read her works, you'll be ready to pursue with 100% effort the goal of becoming a prepared Bride of Christ!

Contact: Bridal Heart Ministry, 1420 NW Gilman Blvd #2768, Issaquah, WA 98027



Book Reviews

Bridal Heart Diary is a beautifully written book that made me feel like I was stepping into the refreshing and healing waters of the Holy Spirit in heaven. Whether you have been a Christian for years or are searching for God, this book is for you. It has the answers you are looking for. As the return of Jesus nears, we need to deeply know the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in a comfortable relationship. Kathleen shows us what this loving relationship is and how we can have it, too.  —LB, Washington

This anointed book brought me to my knees and made me weep as Kathleen's words brought me into a personal encounter with Jesus. I found so many similarities with her stories that I longed for more profound experiences and conversations with Him. Father has given her insight for today's believers as we survive tumultuous times. The whole book is marked and backed up by scripture. We are here for His glory, and He has a purpose for us as His Bride. I'm stepping in. Will you?  —JT, Oregon

All who do not read this unique book will miss a spiritual experience that will significantly enrich your life. Unlike ordinary books that portray the spiritual thoughts of man, this book goes way beyond into the realms of the ‘unknown’.... yet known to the author. Some find it difficult to believe that these spiritual realms exist. Still, through many years of practical experience, I can say that I conclusively know that they not only exist but strongly influence our lives. The author shares rare experiences few have seen, other than those blessed with gifts allowing the ‘opening’ of the doors to this spiritual arena. This book is a must-read for those serious about their spiritual lives.  —RB, Idaho

Tremendous Book! After reading Bridal Heart Diary and many others that deal with good spiritual encounters, I was very impressed with this author’s authenticity of style and substance. I have spent years studying these types of spiritual encounters, and not only do I believe that they exist, but that this author takes her revelations to new spiritual heights. She has seen and shared experiences that most timidly keep to themselves, but she has boldly proclaimed them for all the world to hear. This is an opportunity for a step up to understanding and experiencing the spiritual realm. I highly recommend this book to all.  —MB, Idaho

I started reading this book as it was given to me by a friend. I realized this was not an ordinary book as I entered the pages. I got my sticky notes, highlighter, and pen and started soaking in every precious word. I got to the part about the Father. I prayed, and Father filled my heart with His love!!! I longed for a closer relationship with God, and this book helped me get there. Thank you, Kathleen, for sharing your heart and obeying our Lord.  —MS, Idaho

 Thank you, Holy Spirit, for directing Kathleen's writing of her anointed book Bridal Heart Diary for this time. I experienced this book as a significant download from the throne of God. It describes what a TRUE Bride of Christ is. As you read, you receive a profound understanding, a deep longing, and a wholehearted desire to be fulfilled as an authentic Bride. I'm on board!  —CK, Indiana

Written within the pages of Bridal Heart Scribe is a beautiful portrait of a life guided, directed, and captured by the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. A must-read. It will encourage you to pursue a deeper walk with God.  —CJ, Indiana

Kathleen's second book, Bridal Heart Scribe, reveals heaven's mysteries, spiritual keys, and practical knowledge of the spiritual realm that all His Brides can experience. Giving us hope in times of darkness, faith to endure, and knowing we are never alone because King Jesus is always with us.  —CK, Indiana

The Bridal Heart books are awesome! They revealed Jesus and His unconditional love to me. They helped me overcome my doubts about God. —RW, New York

I gotta tell you, Kathleen's books took me on a wild ride into the supernatural world of God! Her experiences, messages from Jesus, and trips to Heaven blew me away. —JT, Texas