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Hi, I'm Kathleen!

Come on in and discover the world of Bridal Heart, where you'll enjoy the spiritual adventure of your dreams and fall in love with Jesus again or for the first time!

On this journey, you'll witness heavenly realm activities as you read my Holy Spirit-initiated adventures in the Bridal Heart book series and uplifting blog that fuels your faith.

♥ You'll witness my breathtaking angel visitations and trips to Heaven and understand God's secrets.

♥ Your spiritual growth will expand to new heights and spiritual horizons.

♥  You'll shift from knowing about Jesus to genuinely encountering Him in your heart.

♥ You'll say goodbye to religious constraints and enter a vibrant Holy Spirit-led lifestyle.

Begin your adventure today!

What Others Say About bridalHeart.org

What others are saying about Bridal Heart


"I felt like something was missing in my spiritual life, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I stumbled upon this website and read the blog posts and the Bridal Heart books. They are game-changers! I finally understood what I had been missing. It was like a lightbulb turning on in my head. The Holy Spirit filled me up and brought me closer to Jesus in a way I never thought was possible." ―Vanessa

It spoke to me...

"The author's blog and books hit home for me. I loved her sharing her struggles and experiences - it spoke to me. She truly cares about her readers and wants to inspire and lift them with her writing. I enjoy Kathleen's practical and inspirational writing style. I appreciate her transparency in sharing her faith journey."


Awesome guidance...

"Your website is outstanding! Beautiful because it is filled with The Holy Spirit and awesome spiritual guidance! Everyone visiting here is blessed because Kathleen has prepared a blueprint for navigating the path to encountering Jesus. Thank you, and I thank God for you!" ―Annette

Not about rules...

"I'm enjoying the Bridal Heart books and blog. Kathleen's way of talking about Jesus and how to connect with Him is just awesome. It's not just about rules and stuff, but getting to know Him and feeling His love. It's been a big help for me and my faith. I love how she tells us to focus on a relationship with Him, not just doing religious things." ―Joyce

Bridal Heart Blog

How a Private Person Became a Successful Blogger!

By Kathleen Kaplan

Imagine, for a moment, a life spent in the comforting shadows of introversion, a world where silence was a faithful companion and solitude a cherished friend. That was my reality until one day, I took a bold, heart-pounding leap of…

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