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Bridal Heart Scribe & Diary Books

Enter the presence of Jesus. He is waiting for a closer relationship with you.

How? You will be ushered into God's breathtaking presence through the anointed material in these life-changing books that hold the keys to unlocking spiritual doors.

Since 1987, Jesus has given Kathleen Kaplan, one of His prophetic voices, revelatory messages for His beloved Bride. She shares them for the first time in these remarkable books. These loving messages will heal and open your heart to fall in love with Jesus. Then your lens of Him being your Bridegroom King will become a reality—no longer just a concept or belief.

Your spiritual growth will be turbocharged by a step-by-step Bible-based roadmap found in these companion books, Bridal Heart Diary and Bridal Heart Scribe by Kathleen Kaplan. They are spiritual treasures inspiring you to fulfill your divine destiny and guiding you into experiencing miraculous Christianity.

Take a leap of faith. The divine treasures in Bridal Heart Diary and Bridal Heart Scribe await you to discover and experience! Both books are available as free eBooks by clicking here.

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Entangled to Technology: Our Reliance on AI

By Kathleen Kaplan

Dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Do you feel trapped in an endless loop of technology? In days gone by, the world was a more straightforward place, void of technology. However, modern times have added distractions that past generations did not…

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