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"In your presence is fullness of joy. at your right hand are pleasures forevermore." Psalm 16:11

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Bridal Heart Scribe & Diary Books

Are you looking to take your relationship with Jesus to the next level but unsure how to achieve it?

Kathleen Kaplan's Bridal Heart Diary and Bridal Heart Scribe are here to help guide you through every step. Within these books are Bible-based roadmaps shifting you into miraculous Christianity. Your spiritual growth will be turbocharged, transforming you into a beautiful reflection of Jesus.

Kathleen has been sharing Jesus' love messages with His Bride for over three decades, and her books are life-changing. Bridal Heart Diary and Bridal Heart Scribe contain the keys to unlocking spiritual doors in your relationship with Jesus.

So, dive into a world of divine treasures by embarking on a journey of God-centered discovery with these books. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to step into your best life and find the deep unconditional love you have longed for.

The best part? Kathleen has freely received from Jesus, so she offers free downloads of her books! So, why wait?

Claim your free ebooks to start your exciting journey to encountering the presence of Jesus!

Bridal Heart Blog

From Kathleen’s Heart: Intro to Blog

By Kathleen Kaplan

Welcome! I am excited to connect with you. So, are you looking for some inspiration to fuel your spiritual growth? If so, you will find my Bridal Heart blog helpful. It is a treasure trove of valuable lessons to inspire…

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Visitor Testimonies

I felt like something was missing in my spiritual life, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I stumbled upon this place and read some content. It was a game-changer for me. I finally understood what I had been missing. It was like a lightbulb turning on in my head. I feel like the Holy Spirit filled me up and brought me closer to Jesus in a way I never thought was possible. ―Vanessa, New York

The author's blog and books hit home for me. I loved how she shared all her struggles and experiences - it spoke to me. She truly cares about her readers and wants to inspire and lift them with her writing. ―Linda S, Georgia

My experience here was not just reading another Christian blog or eBook. It's a place where I experienced the presence of God and received the spiritual insights I needed. ―Carole, Arizona

A wonderful friend recommended your site, and I enjoy reading your books daily! Thank you for all the excellent free resources you put into this website!! God Bless You. and Thank you. ―Nanci, Colorado

I see that these books are not just more books, but Words for now from God. As I read them, I found answers to the questions in my heart. Thanks for making yourself available for the Master's use. ―Olatunji, Kenya

This is a Spirit-filled website. Continue in the work for the Lord, and I'm sure you will continue to be blessed. I will revisit this site and share it with others! ―DP, India

Reading here was an amazing journey into the heart of God. I experienced His love, grace, and mercy in a way I  never have before. ―Francis, Malawi

I must tell you, I'm enjoying Bridal Heart's content. Kathleen's way of talking about Jesus and how to connect with Him is just awesome. It's not just about rules and stuff, but getting to know Him and feeling His love. It's been a big help for me and my faith. I love how she tells us to focus on the relationship with Him, not just doing religious things. ―Joyce, Ohio

I truly appreciate your loving portrayal of our beloved Father. Too often, people become consumed with the end times scaring people. It is wonderful to see God's love exalted. ―Karen, Florida

I've been searching for a God that allowed me to feel safe. I cried when I found the Bridal Heart website. Thank you for this healing. ―Susan N, Maine

Your website is outstanding! Beautiful because it is filled with The Holy Spirit and spiritual Guidance Supreme! Everyone visiting here is blessed because you have prepared a blueprint for traveling to reach our Lord. God Bless you. Continue in your endeavors. Thank you, and I thank God for you! ―Annette, USA

It's encouraging to read how others' spiritual life was impacted here in such a positive way. I enjoyed Kathleen's writing style and appreciate her transparency in sharing her faith journey. Having free resources like these that helped me encounter Jesus is a blessing. ―Kris, Illinois

These books will be used in a small group study over the next year. Thanks for preparing such great books to share with others. They are just what we needed!! ―Kathi H, Canada

Your Bridal Heart book is truly remarkable! They remind me why I committed myself to the Lord over three years ago and encouraged me to recommit to Him today. I’ve regained the fire that I lost. Thank you! ―Char, Washington

I'm a teenager, and sometimes it's hard for me to choose to do what is right over what is wrong, but thanks to your book, how to do the right thing has become very clear to me! ―Christina, California

I discovered your website during one of the darkest moments of my 29-year-long marriage. I felt completely alone, with nowhere to turn, and the pain was simply unbearable. I couldn't see any possible solution to the crisis I was experiencing. However, after finding your free resources, I finally received the help I needed. Thanks! ―Teresa B, Texas

Your book reveals what it means to be a Christian better than anything I've read. It's practical. My eyes are now fixed on Jesus daily! ―Sirisio, Sudan

I have found just what I need in my life right now. Your work is a blessing to my life, Kathleen! Thank you. May God keep his loving arms around you. ―JE, Sweden