The Prepared Bride

One morning, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see into heaven. I saw the prepared Bride of Christ regally attired in a snow-white wedding gown adorned with a glistening gold crown. She was standing on the radiant sapphire floor directly in front of Heavenly Father’s throne, waiting for Father’s approval. As I watched this…

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False Shepherds

wolf in sheep clothing

Dreams are one of the many ways God talks with His children. When we are awake, there are many distractions. When we are asleep, mental barriers are gone. It’s heaven’s chance to speak to us. God sends dreams to guide, encourage, and warn us. A warning dream uncovers evil that’s currently happening or evil that’s…

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Key to Silencing Your Critic

critic silence freedom

Some days, I struggle with silencing the Critic in my head. This morning, the first thought it shot at me was, ‘You’re unlovable, powerless, and alone.’ This thought is an example of the Critic—a demonic voice of the accuser of a believer’s soul. We are in a spiritual war. Whether we know it or not.…

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Overcome the Darkness

Around the world, quality of life has shifted for many. Sinister darkness attempts to entangle every man, woman, and child into its clutches of fear. The struggle is real. As an illustration, I see this current darkness like a ‘black hole’ drawing everything into its gravitational pull with no escape. However, there is a remedy—a…

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