Angel Encounter

Curiosity about angel encounters is growing worldwide. Today, in the challenges of a locked-down society, the Holy Spirit highlights the importance of angelic ministry. So, get ready to take a glance into the captivating world of angels. May it awaken your spiritual senses to personal encounters with the angelic activity that surrounds you. Angels stand…

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False Shepherds

wolf in sheep clothing

Dreams are one of the many ways God talks with His children. When we are awake, there are many distractions. When we are asleep, mental barriers are gone. It’s heaven’s chance to speak to us. God sends dreams to guide, encourage, and warn us. A warning dream uncovers evil that’s currently happening or evil that’s…

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The Black Sheep

One morning during my prayer time, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to a spiritual vision. In it, I saw a peaceful scene of a rich green pasture. Grazing on the grass was a flock of white sheep with a solitary black sheep. All the white sheep were looking at the sheep to their right…

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