Take the Leap

Trust Me by Kathleen Kaplan

Because the earth is a fallen world, some of us look for love in all the wrong places. Through these broken-hearted experiences, we discover the Achilles’ heel of the human heart is trust. When we trust the wrong person, it almost destroys us. Then we vow we will never do it again. Yet, despite this, we long to trust and to be trusted. Why? Because taking a leap to trust is one of the greatest gifts we can give and receive.

Truth Frees Us

During the painful breaking of my trust by a loved one, I cried out to Jesus in shock and confusion with the question, “Why did he break my heart?”

Jesus compassionately said, “You live in a fallen, sinful world. People are imperfect. They have good intentions, but they will fail you. I have a question for you. In the scriptures, were you ever asked to trust people?”

My mind raced through the Bible verses I knew on this topic. However, I couldn’t come up with one verse telling me to trust people. So, as a result, I answered, “No, I can’t think of one scripture.”

Jesus said, “You’re correct! The scriptures only ask you to trust Us. We alone are sinless and perfect. We will never fail you. I can move mountains on your behalf. All it takes is your leap of faith to trust in Me to do it. Let Me prove Myself to you. So, lay down your worries and concerns. I can carry them for you.”

Go For It!

It’s probably true that your journey has included heartbreak somewhere along the way. However, I encourage you to take the leap of faith as I did. It’s never too late to begin trusting Jesus once again.

“Jesus didn’t trust them, for He knew mankind to the core. No one needed to tell Him how changeable human nature is!” John 2:24-25 TLB