Operating in the Courts of Heaven

“As I watched the vision unfold, thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took His throne above all. His clothes were the purest white, as white as snow, and the hair of His head was like the finest wool. His throne was a flaming fire, set on wheels that blazed like the sun. A stream of fire emerged and flowed from His presence. Thousands upon thousands of heavenly beings were there to serve Him; millions upon millions stood by to attend Him. The heavenly court sat to hear a case, and the books of judgment were opened.” Daniel 7:9-11 (VOICE) A breathtaking view of the High Court of Heaven in session.

Life-Changing Insight

The Courts of Heaven function similarly to earth’s legal system.

Because of the challenging times we live in, I believe Heavenly Father is releasing new revelation about receiving justice in His courts. We all know the blood of Jesus is our verdict. However, there may be times we need to access heaven’s justice system.

Do You Need Victory?

The truth is—Heavenly Father is willing to answer our prayers. 

The problem is—we face a legalistic accuser and adversary, the devil, who can prevent our prayers from happening. Some believe victory against him isn’t fought on a battlefield. It’s won in Heaven’s Courtroom. Consequently, many have testified that this victory answered their prayers and removed obstacles to their divine destiny.

  • Are you praying without circumstances changing?
  • Do patterns of financial and physical loss in your life, family, or work continue?
  • Are you believing to be miraculously healed, but healing evades you?

The Courts of Heaven are where sacred ‘true’ justice reigns. The Judge, Heavenly Father, stops the Accuser’s voice against us. Father removes the legal right for accusations, attacks, harassment, and tormenting our families or us.

A Court of Heaven session has proven to remove: barriers to our blessings, opportunities for sabotage, strongholds blocking our prayer requests, and hurdles to fulfilling our destinies.

Another key point, a Court of Heaven session promotes: repentance, forgiveness, divine blessings, favor, love, unity, prophetic visions, breakthrough, and acceleration of your divine destiny.

Profound Truth

Additionally, through the Holy Spirit, the heavenly courts are available to ‘all believers’ through the blood of Jesus. As a result, you can become equipped to:

  • Remove generational curses.
  • Cancel the Accuser’s cases against you.
  • Operate in the Court of Heaven through the Holy Spirit. 

Memorable Court of Heaven Session

After being equipped with a book on ‘Operating in the Courts of Heaven,’ I stepped out in faith. I had my first COH session in my home. It was memorable. I began praying and found myself standing in Heaven’s courtroom before the thrones of Abba Father and Jesus. Satan stood to my right. His verbal accusations against me broke my heart. They produced tremendous guilt and shame.

All of a sudden, Jesus stood up from His throne in response to the accusations. He stepped down the stairs in front of His throne. Then Jesus walked towards me, smiling. He stopped in front of my life’s book, which was open for all to read. He turned to face Father. Then Jesus said, “Father, I purchased Kathleen with My blood. She’s My Bride.” With a nod from Father, Jesus returned to His throne.

Meanwhile, I glanced at my book. To my astonishment, the pages which were filled with writing were now blank. Jesus erased the generational sins of my family, silencing Satan’s accusations against me. Then Father said to me, “Well done, daughter.” I left the courtroom in a wave of peace unknown to me before that moment. Within two days, answers to my prayers began manifesting.

Court of Heaven Ministry

As a prophet seer, I had the joy of ministering with a COH team for one year. We did four to six sessions a week, with each session lasting three to four hours. The team followed a step-by-step protocol for entering His courts.

We always started a session by asking Father to reveal the direction for the client’s case. Then, as the session progressed, the Court of Accusation was where the Holy Spirit unveiled the names of demonic spirits operating in the client’s ancestral bloodline. Then in the Court of Overcomers, the Holy Spirit revealed any awards, access codes, promotions, or certificates to be presented to the COH candidate.

Finally, at the end of a COH session, the visual transformation of the client and their launch into their divine destiny was visually apparent. During that year, I saw many people set free. Subsequently, I’ve heard numerous life-changing testimonies of our past clients.

Riveting Information

In 2017 the Christian Broadcasting Network interviewed our Court of Heaven Team. This thirty-minute YouTube video answers many questions about COH. My contribution to this interview is in the second half: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW3N7qcLCeQ