From My Heart to Yours

my heart

Recently, a friend who read my book, Bridal Heart Diary, encouraged me to consider blogging. I responded, “I’ll think about it.” Skip forward a week later. The sweet whisper of the Holy Spirit inside of me asked, “How about writing a blog? The Body of Christ needs each other to navigate life successfully. They need to hear from you.” So now, convinced through two witnesses, I blog on my online home—from my heart to yours.

What You Can Expect

I share biblical principles that have changed my life and help you be the best version of yourself. There will be times when I’ll write through my pain, so you will see how I lean on Jesus for everything, particularly when life isn’t a joy ride.

Within my posts, you’ll discover: I have an authentic connection with Jesus. I hear His voice and write what I hear because His perspective is everything! Also, I have deep faith roots because of the many challenges I’ve overcome.

I watched others look to material things to bring them happiness throughout my life but seldom found it. But, when we count what the world has to offer as valueless—then joy overtakes us.

Why Is That?

Because Heavenly Father designed each of us for a close relationship with Him, they only disappoint us if we attempt to fill the void with material things. When we shift our perspective from earth to heaven, we discover happiness money can’t buy.

I have found this to be true in my life. With Jesus as my #1 priority, I live my life for Him and with Him. This lifestyle is the most important thing about me. I plan on living this way for the rest of my life.

Your Call To Action

We are living in crazy times. As believers, we need encouragement to live sold out for Jesus consistently. So, consider my blog part of your support system. My messages will empower you to stay on track. As a side note, I’ll only share my messages here. You won’t find me on any social media platforms.

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