From My Heart to Yours

my heart

A friend who read my book, Bridal Heart Diary, suggested that I start blogging. At first, I wasn’t sure about it, but then I heard a gentle voice inside me suggesting that I share my thoughts through a blog. The Holy Spirit reminded me that the Body of Christ needs to support each other and hear from me. Now, I am excited to share my thoughts on my online platform and connect with others, from my heart to yours.

What You Can Expect

I share biblical principles that have transformed my life and can help you become the best version of yourself. At times, I may write about my struggles and how I rely on Jesus for everything, especially during difficult times.

In my posts, you will discover my authentic connection with Jesus. I listen to His voice and share His perspective, which is crucial to me. I also have a strong faith foundation due to the numerous challenges I’ve faced.

Throughout my life, I’ve seen others seek happiness in material possessions but rarely find it. However, when we consider worldly possessions worthless, we can experience true joy.

Why Is That?

Each of us was created by Heavenly Father for a profound connection with Him. If we try to fill the emptiness with material possessions, we will only be let down. But when we reorient our focus from earthly things to heavenly ones, we will find a joy that cannot be bought with money.

In my own experience, I have discovered this to be true. By making Jesus my top priority, I live with and for Him. This way of life is the most significant aspect of who I am, and I intend to continue living it for the rest of my days.

Your Call To Action

These times can be overwhelming, and we must stay true to our faith. My blog is here to give you the support you need to remain committed to Jesus. I aim to empower and encourage you through my messages.