Breaking Up With Rebel

Frequently throughout the day, in the overlooked little details of my life, I miss opportunities to obey Heavenly Father’s will. Instead, I find myself focusing on what I ‘feel’ like doing. This distraction is my inner Rebel at work. It cleverly steers my focus away from Father’s will. I’m beginning to believe breaking up with Rebel is my next step on my walk of faith.

As I considered this, I thought of other believers worldwide and wondered if I was alone in my struggle. Through my online research, I discovered rebellion in the Body of Christ is at epidemic proportions. We live in rebellious times.

Inner Rebels have the mantra of ‘free to be me to do my own thing.’ But, unfortunately, this type of thinking leads believers away from the narrow path of obedience and cleverly onto the broad path of rebellion. Then our spiritual growth comes to a screeching halt, and intimacy with Jesus is blocked. Ultimately, the broad way produces a setback in all areas of a believer’s life.

There is some confusion about what rebellion is. Contrary to some denominational doctrines, rebellion isn’t the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, or whether or not we wear makeup or jewelry. Instead, the rebellion begins in our minds by overriding biblical truths and rewiring them with their lies. Then our actions put on public display its defying agenda. So, whether we will remain aligned with Father’s commands or line up with a rebellion, breaking up with Rebel is the solution to squashing our dilemma.

Holy Perspective

One day during my secret place time, Jesus said to me, “Tell others it’s wrong to go their way. Rebellion isn’t of Me. So I surrendered every opportunity I had to submit to Father.

He would call Me to Himself and pour out His heart regarding His people. Then, he sent Me to call them back to Him. But, unfortunately, many refused to hear, and those who heard, few responded. Sadness gripped My heart as I pondered Father’s dilemma. He loves without condition and, in return, is rejected, even despised.

The world hasn’t changed much. Even though the Holy Spirit is on earth, many reject Him also. If they repent and embrace Him, the Holy Spirit will lead them on straight paths to experience peace. Any other way results in defeat rather than victory.”

The Choice is Ours

The Bible offers two choices. Heavenly Father’s way or the devil’s highway. The narrow path or the broad path. The high road or the low road. It’s black or white. Holy or evil. The inner Rebel protests against these truths. Its motto: ‘If I feel like it, anything goes.’ Rebel lives in the gray area. Satan owns this gray territory.

As believers, we know choosing to be disobedient to Father’s commands is the wrong choice. One of His requests is for us to trust the Holy Spirit as our loving Guide. Then as we follow His lead on the straight and narrow path, Spirit works it all out for our good.

There may be times on this path when we say, “I don’t feel like being obedient.” So we end up falling off the narrow path into a big mess. Then we accuse Father of not protecting us, which is a redirect from personal responsibility.

In the final analysis, I believe we keep our inner Rebel around because it’s familiar. Like a dysfunctional old friend. Comforting in a weird way and more manageable to tolerate than expending the emotional energy it takes to drop them like a hot potato.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

As believers, every inner Rebel has an expiration date. So, beating around the bush prolongs the agony. Goodbyes can hurt. These are the times when we must be courageous. Bite our bottom lip and let go. Whether we feel prepared or not.

Like pulling a band-aid off quickly, breaking up with Rebel needs to be done promptly—sooner rather than later. So, ready or not, let’s follow the Holy Spirit as we lean on Him for the power needed to walk out of our lives free of Rebel.

“Walk in the Spirit, and let the Spirit bring order to your life. If you do, you will never give in to your selfish and sinful cravings. For everything the flesh desires goes against the Spirit, and everything the Spirit desires goes against the flesh. So there is a constant battle raging between them that prevents you from doing the good you want to do.”

Galatians 5:16-17 (VOICE)