This Heartfelt Habit Promises to Make You Smile!

Mornings With Jesus Changed My Life

One morning, something remarkable occurred. I was in my prayer room, soaking in the soft radiance of the early sunlight seeping through the curtains. In this peaceful haven, I was immersed in prayer. All of a sudden, the presence of Jesus filled the room. How Worship Shapes Your Day The whisper I heard was a…

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King Jesus is Coming Back!

Jesus is coming back

I’m excited to extend an invitation to you, one that carries profound significance and urgency. This message, revealed to me through the Holy Spirit, is nothing short of a divine mandate, a clarion call that demands our immediate attention and action. It’s a pivotal moment for the Body of Christ, a time for awakening, for…

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Break Free From Idols

Identify and Break Free From Hidden Idols

Breaking free from the hidden idols of your heart is a decisive step toward finding true freedom in your life. The idols of your heart can be anything that you value more than your relationship with Jesus. It could be money, pleasure, or even a person. These things can turn into idols that bring destruction,…

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Mystery of the Trinity

Astonishing Mystery of the Trinity Unveiled

I’ve got something amazing to share with you! As a lifelong prophetic scribe of the Body of Christ, I recently received a divine message from Father God. It focuses on the concept of the Trinity, which has been a mystery to many for centuries. But this message gave me a new understanding of our triune…

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Bound to Technology?

Bound to Technology Unhealthy Reliance

Do you ever feel like you’re bound to technology in an unhealthy way? The pace of life has undoubtedly accelerated with the advent of technology. While our ancestors may have enjoyed a simpler life, we now have access to numerous gadgets and gizmos that can entertain and inform us in countless ways. However, there’s a…

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Overcome the Darkness

Entangled by the World

Have you noticed how the quality of life around the world has shifted for many of us? It’s as if a sinister darkness is trying to entangle every man, woman, and child into its clutches of fear. The struggle is real, my friend. To me, this current darkness feels like a ‘black hole’, drawing everything…

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The Black Sheep Respond with Love

Ever been swept away by a breathtaking spiritual vision? I was, completely, during a serene morning prayer. It was an utterly mind-blowing journey. Can’t wait to share this heart-stirring experience with you! So there I was, mind blown by what the Holy Spirit showed me – this extremely vibrant patch of green, like something out…

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Take a Leap of Faith

Trust Me by Kathleen Kaplan

Love can be quite tricky, can’t it? We all want it, but looking for it can sometimes lead us in the wrong direction. The world can be chaotic, and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. But perhaps the most heartbreaking thing is realizing that trust is the Achilles’ heel of the human heart.…

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Quality Time With Jesus

Quality Time with Jesus

I just had a super morning that felt like a warm hug from God. As I was sitting there in silence, sipping my mug of steaming coffee, I had a fantastic chat with Jesus. Yes, you heard that right! It was jaw-dropping. And let me tell you, it wasn’t just any chat. The conversation left…

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