Entangled to Technology: Our Reliance on AI

cell phone addiction

Dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Do you feel trapped in an endless loop of technology? In days gone by, the world was a more straightforward place, void of technology. However, modern times have added distractions that past generations did not experience. Technology’s source has a diabolical plan to infiltrate the minds of men, women, and…

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The Prepared Bride

One morning, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see into heaven. I saw the prepared Bride of Christ regally attired in a snow-white wedding gown adorned with a glistening gold crown. She was standing on the radiant sapphire floor directly in front of Heavenly Father’s throne, waiting for Father’s approval. As I watched this…

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The Black Sheep

One morning during my prayer time, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to a spiritual vision. In it, I saw a peaceful scene of a rich green pasture. Grazing on the grass was a flock of white sheep with a solitary black sheep. All the white sheep were looking at the sheep to their right…

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