Jesus is on His Way Back! Are you Prepared?

Jesus is on His Way Back! Are You Ready?

As one of God’s prophetic voices, I’m sounding an alarm! In my fifty-one years of walking with Jesus this is the first time the Holy Spirit has asked me to write a message containing a wake-up call to the Body of Christ, His Bride and the apple of His eye. If you have fallen asleep…

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Truth! Heaven’s Holograms Record Life Events

Heaven's Holograms

Up in Heaven, they’ve got this fantastic hologram technology that recreates events from your life that are all recorded in your Book of Life. How awesome is that? I visited Heaven’s library for a year as part of a Court of Heaven team as a prophet seer. Every time we ministered to someone, Jesus appeared…

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Unveiling Horses in the Celestial Realm

Supernatural events are constantly happening but usually don’t occur as we imagine. Take, for instance, the Holy Spirit-empowered trips to heaven that we all dream of. We can’t even begin to picture what they are like until we experience them ourselves. Well, guess what? Like the Apostle Paul, I was caught up to heaven. So,…

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