From Kathleen’s Heart: Intro to Blog

From Kathleen Kaplan's Heart to Yours: Intro to the Blog

Welcome! I am excited to connect with you. So, are you looking for some inspiration to fuel your spiritual growth? If so, you will find my Bridal Heart blog helpful. It is a treasure trove of valuable lessons to inspire and motivate you on your spiritual journey. Whether feeling uninspired or looking for new biblical…

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Cultivate Miraculous Jesus Like Faith

Grow Miraculous Jesus Like Faith

As a Christian, you know that faith is essential, but did you know there are different types of faith? And that each type produces different results. Yep, it’s true! Some people have a stronger faith than others, which means they’re better at manifesting healing, deliverance, and other areas of God’s manifestations. So, if you want…

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Overcome the Darkness

Entangled by the World

Have you noticed how the quality of life around the world has shifted for many of us? It’s as if a sinister darkness is trying to entangle every man, woman, and child into its clutches of fear. The struggle is real, my friend. To me, this current darkness feels like a ‘black hole’, drawing everything…

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The Black Sheep Respond with Love

Have you ever experienced a spiritual vision that left you in awe? Well, let me tell you about one I had during my prayer time one morning. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to a mesmerizing scene of a rich green pasture. I saw a flock of white sheep peacefully grazing on the grass with…

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Quality Time With Jesus

Have you ever experienced a heart-to-heart conversation with Jesus? One morning, I did. During it, I told Him I wanted to spend more time with Him. He began our conversation by saying, “I also want a deeper level of intimacy with you. But intimacy takes time to develop. In the busy and rushed world you…

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