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wolf in sheep clothing

Have you ever wondered if dreams are more than just a sequence of images and thoughts? I believe that dreams are one of the many ways God communicates with us. Think about it – when we’re awake, we’re often too busy with the hustle and bustle of life to pay attention to divine messages. But our mental barriers are down when we’re asleep, and we become more receptive to spiritual guidance. That’s why dreams are heaven’s chance to speak to us.

Dreams are God Sent

God sends us dreams to guide, encourage, and warn us. Have you ever had a dream that felt like a sign or a message? I know I have. I recently had a warning dream about false shepherds. It’s incredible how dreams reveal things we might not otherwise notice.

So, the next time you have a dream that feels significant, don’t just brush it off as a random thought. Take a moment to reflect on it and see if there’s a deeper meaning behind it. You never know; it could be God communicating with you.

My Warning Dream

As I entered the dream, I stood before a magnificent house shrouded in darkness. The house had an eerie silence as I walked through the front door. The only light source was the sun’s rays streaming through a sliding glass door.

As I looked around, I noticed a man standing near the door, staring at the floor with a blank expression. Curious, I followed his gaze and was horrified to see a fragile baby, gasping for life, lying motionless on the floor. The man stood there, unmoved by the baby’s plight.

Without a second thought, I scooped the little one into my arms, hoping to save its life. As I sat down on the nearby couch, I discovered another baby, also in a bad condition. I picked it up as well, and carefully wrapped them both in a cozy blanket. I held them close to me, hoping to share some of my warmth with them.

As I sat there, watching over the babies, they slowly regained their strength. They opened their eyes and smiled at me with gratitude, and then they reached out to one another to hold hands. But the man remained unchanged, unmoved by the miracle that had just taken place.

As I woke up from the dream, I couldn’t help but wonder what it all meant. Was it a sign that it’s up to us sometimes to step up and make a difference? Or was it a reminder that hope and love can light up the world even in the darkest moments?

Dream Interpretation

My dream left me feeling like there was a deeper meaning behind it. So, I turned to the Holy Spirit for an interpretation. What I received was eye-opening and in line with Biblical truth.

The dark and cold house represented churches that lacked the Holy Spirit.

The solitary man represented a false shepherd, a pastor who prioritizes his own interests rather than spiritually nurturing his congregation.

The two babies represented two categories of neglected believers: those not growing spiritually and those slowly losing their spiritual lives.

My interaction with the two infants represented Jesus providing the tender, loving care a true Shepherd provides for his flock.

As the infants revived, they found companionship with other believers and began flourishing in fellowship under their devoted Shepherd’s guidance.

False Shepherd Traits

Acts 20:29 says, “Imposters who have no loyalty to the flock will come among you like wolves.” Have you ever felt saddened by the pastors who seem more interested in lining their pockets than caring for their congregation’s spiritual needs? It’s disheartening to see some pastors view their church flock as merely a means of gaining wealth rather than fulfilling their sacred role as protectors. They’re more interested in providing entertainment to distract from their lack of genuine care. Instead of relying on Heavenly Father for guidance, these pastors use worldly methods and promote self-interests. Sadly, we have ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ within the churches.

Moving On

Life can be filled with uncertainties, and you may encounter situations where others don’t live up to their promises. If you believe your pastor doesn’t embody the qualities of a true shepherd, it can be challenging to find the courage to move on to another church.

However, it’s important to remember that many genuine and compassionate shepherds lead their flock with love and care, just like Jesus. The journey of finding a spiritually fulfilling church can feel lonely, but your spiritual health and growth are worth it. So, seek wisdom and discernment from your Christian friends and the Holy Spirit. Remember, He’s always with you for whatever you need―you’re never alone!

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