Walk on Water

Walk on the Water

Yesterday, I woke up to a raging storm in my life. Before I had my morning cup of coffee, the waves were crashing over my mind, and the wind howled in my ears as paralyzing fear knocked on my heart’s door. A little unfair, I thought to myself, but life’s storms are like this. They arrive unwelcomed, driven by demonic forces flipping our lives upside down. But, at that moment, walking on water wasn’t on my radar.

Rewind to one morning last week. During my prayer time, Jesus lovingly gave me a ‘heads up’ invitation. He said, “Come walk with Me on the water.” Hearing this phrase triggered memories of my past storms. Ones where He gave me the same invitation before a storm’s arrival. Ultimately, each storm required my focus to be on Him, not on the turbulent circumstances. My present storm is proving to be no different.

Fear vs Faith

I’ve learned a couple of things about life’s storms. If my reaction to a storm is fear, my faith retreats, and I sink. If my response is to keep my eyes on Jesus, I walk on water untouched by the raging storm. I learned this the hard way. In the past, when life became hard, I pulled away from Him in distrust. Why did I do this? Not because Jesus is untrustworthy. Because those who claimed to love me broke my heart, consequently, I became dependent on myself alone, where I mistakenly believed I wouldn’t be hurt.

During that season of my faith journey, I messed up at times and almost sunk. However, as I matured, I was set free from the error of my belief. Walking through a storm alone is the worst possible scenario for any of us. But, conversely, navigating it with the help of the Holy Spirit, who is our Guide, and keeping our eyes on Jesus, who is our Refuge, produces a supernatural life-giving experience.

If You’re Stuck In a Storm… Here’s Your Out

Jesus is inviting you to walk on top of the same waves that may be threatening to ruin your life. So, run towards Him, not from Him, by pushing past your comfort zone and accept His invitation. When you do, He will calm the storm or calm your heart as the storm rages. Whichever occurs, it will be okay. Jesus will walk on water with you helping you endure by faith—in that sacred space.

Storms walked out like this prepares an everyday believer for an extraordinary destiny!

“Jesus said, ‘Be brave and don’t be afraid. I am here… Come and join me.”

Matthew 14: 27 & 29 TPT