This Heartfelt Habit Promises to Make You Smile!

Mornings With Jesus Changed My Life

One morning, something remarkable occurred. I was in my prayer room, soaking in the soft radiance of the early sunlight seeping through the curtains. In this peaceful haven, I was immersed in prayer. All of a sudden, the presence of Jesus filled the room.

How Worship Shapes Your Day

The whisper I heard was a message from Jesus Himself: “In the moments of early morning, the Holy Spirit draws near to those who seek Me with a sincere heart. He is the gentle Guide, meticulously preparing each soul for interaction with Me.”

To this revelation, my heart responded, “Is it in the freshness of morning that our spirits find their greatest receptivity?”

Jesus’ loving voice imparted, “When you sleep, you experience a reset. This allows your first conscious thought to set your focus for the day ahead. Should that thought, that initial conversation, not be steeped in Me, your day’s words and actions will mirror the core of that first fleeting moment.”

A flash of understanding ignited within me. “So, our morning rituals shape the day, setting the stage for every moment that follows. Does what we listen to play a part in this?”

Jesus elaborated, “What you listen to in the morning is pivotal for your day. Immerse yourself in the sounds of worship. Then, watch your spirit rise, guiding your words, decisions, and actions from a place of divine inspiration. On the contrary, let worldly music fill your ears, and your carnal instincts will take the helm, steering your day down a different path.”

Wake Up With Purpose

Realizing the depth of this truth filled me with joy! “I now understand the importance of consciously aligning our spirit with Yours from the moment we wake up.”

“Yes,” Jesus affirmed,. “Here lies the key. Establishing a morning routine of spending time with Me will enrich every aspect of your daily walk.”

But deep inside me, a sense of concern bubbled up. “But, the world, with its captivating social media and music, lures the multitudes.”

Jesus acknowledges this with a gentle yet firm reply, “Yes, you are correct. Many people find the idea of spending time with Me less appealing and worship songs less captivating compared to the world’s offerings.”

I responded, “Yet, starting each day in Your presence, immersed in worship, is to walk a path illuminated by Your presence.”

Jesus concludes, “As you have experienced, beginning your day in communion with Me, accompanied by soul-stirring worship music, opens your heart. It produces a spiritual discipline that will bring immeasurable blessings.”

Seize the Morning, Start Tomorrow!

As my conversation with Jesus drew to a close, I was filled with an overwhelming peace. The gentle glow of the early morning was a powerful reminder of my commitment to starting each day in sacred communion, with the richness of His presence and the unwavering guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout my day.

Are you ready to connect with Jesus when the sun rises to greet the world? For the past seven years, I’ve made it a priority to start each day with Him, and I can honestly say that it has truly transformed my life, bringing joy, guidance, and fulfillment from morning to night! I encourage you to make it a habit each morning to be with Jesus. Then watch how He lovingly and miraculously impacts your life from sunrise to sunset!

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