The Black Sheep Respond with Love

Ever been swept away by a breathtaking spiritual vision? I was, completely, during a serene morning prayer. It was an utterly mind-blowing journey. Can’t wait to share this heart-stirring experience with you!

So there I was, mind blown by what the Holy Spirit showed me – this extremely vibrant patch of green, like something out of a high-def nature documentary. In the middle of it all, a bunch of white sheep were chomping down on grass, totally living the life. And then, boom, there’s this one black sheep. This dude was doing his thing, totally unfazed by being the odd one out.

The thing is, those white sheep? They were all sneakily eyeing each other like they were sharing the juiciest piece of gossip without making a sound. But our lone ranger, the black sheep, couldn’t be bothered. He was all about that grass, just grazing and keeping to himself.

Then, just like that, the scene flips. Every single one of those white sheep stopped their silent gabfest and turned to stare at the black sheep. Yeah, you guessed it, the spotlight was now on the different one, who wasn’t partaking in their silent whispers. And just like that, the vision fades out, leaving my brain racing with thoughts. What a scene!

Vision Meaning

Completely stumped by what the vision was all about, I decided to just straight-up ask Jesus what the deal was. And guess what? He got back to me, “The white sheep were searching for the one they could blame for their bad behavior. Humans are like these sheep. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they don’t want to be responsible for their sin or bad behavior. So rather than owning it when convicted by the Holy Spirit and confessing it to receive the forgiveness that brings relief from their shame, they redirect the blame onto an innocent person by accusing them of wrongdoing.”

Blame is Easier

Ever been thrown under the bus for something you didn’t do? Totally sucks, right? It’s like, people have been playing the blame game since forever. Take a trip back to day one in the Bible – the Garden of Eden. That’s where the whole mess of blaming others kicked off. Satan was like, “Here’s an apple, seems legit,” and boom, paradise lost.

So Adam and Eve goof up, and when it’s time to own up, Adam’s like, “Hey, not my fault, you made her!” Yup, he actually tried to pin it on God for hooking him up with Eve. But get this, God doesn’t throw a fit. Instead of getting back at them, He goes and covers up their mistake with some animal skins. Talk about grace!

Instead of kicking off when you’re blamed for stuff you didn’t do, why not take a leaf out of God’s book? Stick to love and kindness. Playing it cool and responding with grace is tough, no kidding, but it’s totally the way to go. Next time you’re in the hot seat, just remember: keep it chill, respond with love. Let’s ace this blame game with some Jesus style!

Black Sheep Respond with Love

Hey, why not throw a little love at those who’ve done us dirty by forgiving them? And just like that—poof—let’s forget it even happened. Because guess what? Love’s our secret weapon, healing the nastiest of scrapes. So, let’s sprinkle God’s love miracle around today!

“He (Jesus) took on His shoulders the sin of the many. He took up the cause of all the black sheep.” Isaiah 53:12

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