Breaking Up With Rebel

Frequently throughout the day, in the overlooked little details of my life, I miss opportunities to obey Heavenly Father’s will. Instead, I find myself focusing on what I ‘feel’ like doing. This distraction is my inner Rebel at work. It cleverly steers my focus away from Father’s will. I’m beginning to believe breaking up with…

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Walk on Water

Walk on the Water

Yesterday, I woke up to a raging storm in my life. Before I had my morning cup of coffee, the waves were crashing over my mind, and the wind howled in my ears as paralyzing fear knocked on my heart’s door. A little unfair, I thought to myself, but life’s storms are like this. They…

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The Black Sheep

One morning during my prayer time, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to a spiritual vision. In it, I saw a peaceful scene of a rich green pasture. Grazing on the grass was a flock of white sheep with a solitary black sheep. All the white sheep were looking at the sheep to their right…

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Take the Leap

Trust Me by Kathleen Kaplan

Because the earth is a fallen world, some of us look for love in all the wrong places. Through these broken-hearted experiences, we discover the Achilles’ heel of the human heart is trust. When we trust the wrong person, it almost destroys us. Then we vow we will never do it again. Yet, despite this,…

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Quality Time

One morning, during my prayer time with Jesus, He said, “I want intimacy with you. But intimacy takes time to develop. In the busy and rushed world you live in, it’s hard for you to set aside quality time with Me. But, there are rewards for sacrificing this time out of your busy day.” I…

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