Quality Time With Jesus

Quality Time with Jesus

I just had a super morning that felt like a warm hug from God. As I was sitting there in silence, sipping my mug of steaming coffee, I had a fantastic chat with Jesus. Yes, you heard that right! It was jaw-dropping.

And let me tell you, it wasn’t just any chat. The conversation left me feeling like I was walking on clouds, showered with blessings and gratitude. It took me way back to our first exchange years ago, sparking a sense of wonder that I just can’t keep to myself.

So, buckle up! Because I’m about to share an inspiring story that’ll have you believing in the absolute wonder of divine chats with Jesus and want these for yourself. Get ready to be swept off your feet!”

My Heart-to-Heart Chat

I said, “Jesus, I need to hang out more with You.”

And that’s when He kicked off our chat, starting with…”I also want a deeper level of intimacy with you. But intimacy takes time to develop. Setting aside quality time with Me is challenging in your busy and rushed world. But, there are rewards for sacrificing time out of your busy day.”

I replied, “Help me set aside more time to be with You.”

He answered, “I will help you. By the way, are you enjoying yourself this morning?”

I said, “Yes, I am!”

And then, Jesus said something that surprised me. He said, “I knew you would! You’ve been looking for quality time with Me all your life.” His words took me aback, but simultaneously, I felt a sense of peace and comfort.

I said, “I didn’t know it was available to me until recently.”

With a smile, Jesus said, “Yes, I know. Other Christians taught you it was a forbidden spiritual fruit. For this reason, you’ll tell others how to walk and talk with Me. I desire to draw many to Myself, but like you once believed, they believe—it’s forbidden fruit. Set the record straight. When you do, many others will experience quality time with Me.”

I’m all in for spreading this insight to anyone I cross paths with.

Barriers, got any?

Have you ever hit a wall trying to achieve quality time with Jesus? Boy, have I been there! At times, it felt like chasing a mirage. At one time, I was the queen of distraction—music playing, TV on 24/7, and watching movies like there was no tomorrow. Why? To shut out the unresolved screams of my inner turmoil and emotional blocks.

Taking a breather to hang with Jesus felt like climbing Everest—daunting but exhilarating. Turning off the noise made all my buried traumas and heartaches float up from the past. Ouch, right? But the shift in my life was real. It cracked open a doorway to my inner healing and ultimately a close relationship with Jesus that I didn’t even think was possible. Was it all worth it? 100%

Keys to Quality Time

I’ve got a tip for you! If you’re craving that soul-stirring relationship with Jesus, clear the decks, my friend. Turn off the noise and dive deep into Him. Yeah, it might mean giving up a bit of Netflix and your personal chill time or dragging yourself out of bed earlier, but believe me, it’s the real deal.

The spiritual perks? Off the charts! You’ll have a connection with Him on a heart-to-heart level, and your life? It’s about to get a significant upgrade—dive in deep. You’ll discover Jesus is the ultimate game-changer relationship of your life!

“I am the light that shines through the cosmos; if you walk with Me, you will thrive in the nourishing light that gives life and will not know darkness.” John 8:12

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