Prophecies for America

For many years, I’ve received prophecies for America. I’m not a theologian. Just one of the scribes and prophetic voices of Jesus that walks with Him. These messages forecast the USA’s devastating future that’s foreign to her citizens.

Jesus gave me the task of releasing these messages in His perfect timing. So today, September 4, 2021, He told me now is the time to display these messages publicly.

Prophet Jeremiah

Over the years, I prayed for America. As I write this post, my heart is broken and heavy. The prophet Jeremiah’s response to Judah’s coming destruction is now mine regarding the USA. Recorded in Jeremiah 4:19-20 is the prophet Jeremiah’s experience. Its sentiments mirror my current state of being, “I’ve got this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I’m in agony. Every beat of my heart pounds with an awful dread. I can’t stay silent, for I know what is coming—oh my soul, there it is the blast of the trumpet; The battle cries of the invading hoards—crushing defeat after crushing defeat. That’s the news. The land is in ruins, all of it. In an instant, my world changed.”

Would you please invite the Holy Spirit to give you His peace, discernment, and guidance, along with keeping fear at bay as you read? As a reminder of the divine protection available to believers that walk with Jesus, I posted Psalm 91 at the end of the messages.

Prophecies for America

10/22/1995 Jesus said to me, “Hear all you who dwell in America. Have not the scales been weighed, and you’ve found lacking? You resist My drawing you to Me. You say, ‘Tomorrow I will return to Jesus’. Tomorrow never comes. Unplug your ears to hear My Spirit. I speak to you clearly, yet you do not discern My ways. You live according to the world’s standards. Not My kingdom standards. I long to have people with a clear focus. One set on Me. What lies ahead in the future, I know. The reins of the future are in My hands. Seek Me. Look to Me. Love Me. Obey Me. Serve Me. Praise Me. Thank Me. Your hearts must be resting in Me by depending on Me alone. Leave it all up to Me. I will do what you can’t.”

Spiritual Deafness

10/26/1996 Jesus said, “My people have turned a deaf ear to My Spirit. They have become self-centered, just like the world around them. If you search deep, you’ll see no difference. My will was for this land to be a testimony of My grace to those living in darkness. But, unfortunately, their compromise has disgraced My name. Other lands consider themselves superior to the people of America. They see you have no backbone. No convictions or any compassion for the hurting.”


04/17/1997 Heavenly Father said to me, “The writing is on the wall. A day of judgment has begun. The whole world will know that I am the only hope of America, the land of the free. Yes, free to worship Me, yet they don’t. Free to serve Me, yet they serve other gods. Free to do My will, yet they do their own. A day of reckoning for the Body of Christ.”

11/04/1997 “Much tribulation is coming for the Body of Christ in America causing many to fall away from their faith. It will take place within your lifetime.”

Hear the Alarm to Prepare!

02/04/1999 Vision: I saw a mass of dark, ominous clouds covering the entire U.S from coast to coast. The clouds were by-products of collapsing buildings. Jesus said, “America is on the verge of becoming rubble! Father blessed this land. Yet, the citizens rejected Him—the source of their blessings. America will completely fall, putting into motion the full plan of the enemy (satan) to seduce the entire world and have dominion over it. He will stop at nothing. The masses will do whatever is required to regain or maintain their lifestyle of comfort and luxury. This (their lifestyle) will become their idol. Those loyal to Me will be persecuted. Why? They’ll cause the others to know their guilt and shame in rejecting Me.”

Heavenly Father is Our Refuge

04/06/2000 Jesus said, “With all going wrong in the American society, where can you turn? Who has the answers and ability to turn it from evil into something holy? Who can turn dust into living cells? Split mountains in two to make a path for His people? Breathes life into your bodies? There is none like Father, the Creator of all things and your refuge. In Him, you are safe from the evil that floods this nation. He is the Great I Am!”

America Split

05/23/2016 Vision: The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the word America in large red letters with an enormous gulf between Ame and rica. Jesus said, “America is prideful. Father rejects pride and draws near to the humble in heart. He will split America in two to break its spirit of pride.”

Worship is Key

05/17/2018 Jesus said to me, “Troubled times are coming. It will be swift. Fast-paced for the element of surprise, attempting to catch My people off guard. Raise a standard of alarm to My people. They must listen, or they will fall away. It’s not My will for them to fall. They must stand firm by faith. My people need to know how to tap into Me through worship.”

Prepare! The church in America is asleep.

06/16/2018 Jesus said to me, “You’ve known for a long time this devastation was coming to America. I’ve kept you alive to be a voice to this nation to those who closed their ears to Me. I will shake everything to get their attention. They will misunderstand Me, but you’ll clarify for them that I’m a Restorer, not a Destroyer. My hand of protection is coming off this nation. Warn them and tell them to prepare.”

12/06/2018 The Holy Spirit led me to read Jeremiah 7:34. “The land shall become waste.” Immediately, America came to mind. I cried out to Heavenly Father for mercy on the USA. He answered me, “She will go into captivity.” I asked, “How do I pray for the USA?” Father said, “Pray that My people in America will turn and listen to Me in the days of their enslavement.”

Prophecy Warning Vision

Vision: I saw myself walking on barren land. As I walked, I invited others to embrace the peaceful presence of Jesus. He said to me, “I have shown you what is to come. You’ll teach others how to survive by depending on Me the Fountain of Living Waters. I’m their source of life, not men. Battles will take place on this soil.” Then the Holy Spirit opened my spiritual eyes to see a horde of military men engaging in armed combat as a massive number of military tanks moved from coast to coast across America. Jesus said, “They will control the population with food. It will come to America in one day. Prepare!”

History Repeats

10/15/2019 “History will repeat itself. Jerusalem was destroyed and taken captive. America will experience the same.”

01/26/2021 “America will go into captivity! Repent now. Time is short.”

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
My God, in whom I trust!”

Psalm 91:1-2 NASB