Heaven’s Holograms Record Your Life

Heaven's Holograms

Up in Heaven, they’ve got this fantastic hologram technology that recreates events from your life that are all recorded in your Book of Life. How awesome is that? I visited Heaven’s library for a year as part of a Court of Heaven team as a prophet seer. Every time we ministered to someone, Jesus appeared in the library. He selected their Book of Life and opened it to specific pages to highlight certain events of the person’s life. These events would become a viewable hologram.

New Freedoms and Healing

As I examined the 3-D images, they provided me with invaluable insights that were unattainable through any other means. These insights are super helpful for people to get some new freedoms and feel better. Also, I double-checked that the video I watched was their reality. And guess what? Everyone I talked to confirmed that what the hologram showed was exactly what they experienced. So, these holographic images helped to bring new freedoms and healing to Christians.

Unexpected Origin of Holographic Technology

Did you know that God inspired the idea of holographic technology? A religious man received the download and shared the hologram method with the world. Holographic technology is a way of creating 3D images on a flat surface that looks incredibly realistic. These images can be of people, animals, or objects, and they can make you feel like you’re there with them. It’s incredible how technology has evolved to create such lifelike images!

Sinister Use of Holograms

Lots of industries use holographic technology. It uses light to create 3D pictures; you can find it in medicine, engineering, entertainment, and education. “You can find it everywhere – in ads, schools, hospitals, and movies. It’s just that prevalent!

Some people believe that the Antichrist, who will become the ruler of the whole world in the future, will use this tech to demand that everyone worship his holographic image. He wants to share the hologram worldwide and use AI to capture reactions. If we don’t worship the Antichrist’s image, we’ll be in serious trouble, as Revelation 13:6-8 RGT says:

“Power was given to him lasting 42 months. And he opened his mouth to blaspheme God; to blaspheme His Name and His Tabernacle and those who dwell in Heaven. It was given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And power was given to him over every tongue and nation. Therefore, all who dwell upon the earth whose names are not written in the Book of Life by the Lamb, Who was slain from the beginning of the world, shall worship him.”

Our Book of Life

It’s good to know that “vinaw” is the Greek word for “overcome,” which means “to conquer by force.” As believers of Jesus, staying strong in our faith is essential. That’s why we shouldn’t follow the Antichrist’s evil plan and give in to his demands. To do that, we should hold on tight to Jesus, resist the temptation to follow the Antichrist’s false teachings and be on the lookout for them.

Ultimately, we want our Books of Life to contain our loyalty to Jesus as our Savior. Moreover, we need to be ready to face any challenges that come our way because the Antichrist won’t give up easily. If we stay firm in our faith and reject his demands, we’ll overcome and maintain our allegiance to Jesus.

In the face of adversity, let your Book of Life shimmer with unwavering loyalty to Jesus. Hold firm to your faith when facing the stormy trials orchestrated by the Antichrist. Stand resolute against his fierce demands. In these moments of defiance, you solidify your eternal allegiance to Jesus, overcoming darkness with the light of unwavering belief. So, champion your faith, resist the encroaching shadows, and emerge victorious in your spiritual journey!

“They overcame him (Antichrist) by the blood of the Lamb and by that word of their testimony! And they did not love their lives unto the death!” ―Revelation 12:11 RGT

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