Discovering the World of Angels

People worldwide are fascinated by Angels. And let’s face it, in today’s challenging times, we can all use heavenly intervention. Discovering the world of angels, it will awaken your spiritual senses to the angelic activity surrounding you 24 hours a day.

Angels are messengers of God, carrying His holiness and power wherever they go. The angels I’ve encountered are not your typical feminized or cherub-like figures with wings. No, no, no! They’re breathtaking armored-up warriors with muscular physiques and skyscraper heights. They are spiritual beings with miraculous powers, humility, and purity. I mean, these guys are seriously impressive!

But don’t take my word for it. The Bible mentions angels over three hundred times, and many Bible heroes, including Jesus himself, have been helped and visited by them. Angels remain our guardians and guides, protecting us and bringing divine intervention wherever we go. In fact, their assignment to us isn’t complete until we permanently transition to heaven.

So, let’s learn more about the captivating world of angels. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a personal encounter with these magnificent beings.

Angels are ministering spirits

According to Hebrews 1:14, angels are “ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation.” In other words, they are here to help and serve those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Before my Angel encounters, I didn’t pray to see one, as I am more focused on my relationship with the Trinity (God in 3 persons). However, one day, I was given an incredible blessing. I was given a moment of grace where I received an angelic visitation. Since then, I’ve had multiple encounters with angels and have witnessed their power and beauty firsthand.

One of my most unforgettable experiences was on July 24th, 2019, when a majestic angel visited me. This tall and muscular angel had shoulder-length sandy blonde hair and wings. He wore battle armor and stood before me, delivering a powerful message.

He said, “Tell others how we angels fight on their behalf. We surround them with a barrier the demonic can’t penetrate. We are assigned to them because Jesus commands us to.” And just like that, with his mission accomplished, he vanished leaving me awestruck!

According to Bible scholars, angelic beings have three groups in a hierarchical rank. So, let’s dive in and learn more about these remarkable beings and their purposes in our lives.


The highest order is seraphim, who are the nearest to Father God. Their role is to worship and adore Him. Isaiah 6:1-3, “I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple. Seraphim stood above Him, each having six wings; with two, he covered his face; with two, he covered his feet; and with two, he flew. And one called out to another and said, ‘Holy, holy, Holy, is the Lord of hosts, the whole earth is full of His glory.”

Imagine experiencing an unexpected intense anointing in your house, and suddenly, you are enveloped in a fire of holiness. That’s precisely what happened to me when a brilliant seraph was sent to me on August 11, 2018. The seraph’s presence was so intense that my body shook, and I couldn’t help but sob as I felt the holy fire penetrating my eyes, piercing into my brain, and flowing into the rest of my body. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

For ten minutes, the barriers and obstacles in my life evaporated, replaced with a holy fire that transformed me from the inside out. The seraph didn’t utter a word throughout this encounter, but its holy presence left a permanent mark on my soul. This divine encounter was a life-changing experience.


The second order is archangels. Michael is an archangel and the leader of the angelic army. Revelation 12:7, “There was war in heaven, Michael and his angels waging war with the dragon.”

On November 20, 2020, something incredible happened. An angel, glowing with Heavenly Father’s glory, appeared before me. He was wearing battle armor and carrying a flaming sword, ready to fight.

I was in awe and asked him who he was. He replied, “I’m Michael. I’ve been battling on your behalf since you first saw me weeks ago. I conquered your enemy! You’re now free to walk into this season of your life. The prince of this region tried to stop me from coming to you with this Word. Your time has come to fight the fight set before you. The battle will rage, but you will overcome in the strength of the Holy Spirit. Father will empower many to join you. I’m assigned to you and will fight with you. It’s my honor to serve you.”

And then, just like that, Michael vanished. But his message stayed with me. I now know that I have a powerful ally in my corner.


The third order is Angels and guardians. Angels protect us, and those protecting children behold Father’s face continually. Matthew 4:10-11, “Then Jesus said to him, “Go satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your god, and serve Him only.’ Then the devil left Him, and behold, Angels came and began ministering to Him.”

On February 9, 2020, something extraordinary happened to me again during a divine assignment to Australia. My husband Marc and I were staying in a twenty-floor hotel room when a dazzling 12-foot-tall winged angel appeared outside our window. Can you imagine how I felt?

The angel delivered a profound message for Australia, “I’ve come with a Word for you from Father. You’ve been obedient to come to this nation He loves. These people hunger for the truth. Their hearts are sincere before him. However, the delusions surrounding them entice them to join in for the acceptance they long for. Their souls feel like orphans whose parents abandoned them. Feeling like an orphan is the foundation of this nation. Father desires to set them free from these delusions and pain. Their freedom will enable them to walk in His ways of truth. Father sent you here to establish His rule and love for His children.” The celestial being vanished in a flash, leaving behind an encouraging message that echoed in my heart.

My Mission

I felt it in my bones that this message was meant to be shared. I was determined to make it heard loud and clear on Australian soil before returning to America. The very next Sunday, following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we walked into a local mega-church, and I knew this was it – the perfect opportunity to share it. After the service, we approached the senior pastor, and I poured my heart out as I shared the message with him. He listened intently, and as a native Australian, he confirmed its accuracy. He appreciated the reminder to focus on helping Australians receive freedom for this issue.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that the large church I visited is actually a network of spirit-filled churches spread throughout Australia. The man I conversed with holds the position of Director within this extensive network.

Angelic beings are not to be worshiped.

Only Heavenly Father and Jesus are worthy of worship, as it’s easy to be awestruck by angels and tempted to worship them. Interestingly, the scripture doesn’t give any examples of praying to angels. However, when the crowd came to the Garden of Gethsemane to arrest Jesus, he made it clear that he could appeal to his Father and have more than twelve legions of angels at his disposal. So, directing our request for angelic help is accomplished through prayers to Father God, not praying to angels.

Angels in Your Life

Angels are your protectors and guides. On your path of faith, they are there beside you, usually unseen, fighting for and guarding you from harm. Consequently, their presence helps you fulfill your destiny. So the next time you feel alone, remember that you are never truly alone―for you have a ‘team of angels’ assigned to help you every step of the way.

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