Christ’s Bride: Prepared to Celebrate

Christ's Bride Be Prepared to Celebrate

Are you ready for a mind-blowing revelation? Imagine waking up one fine morning and finding the Holy Spirit, opening your eyes to see into heaven. That’s precisely what happened to me! And what I saw was nothing short of breathtaking – the beautiful Bride of Christ, all dressed in a stunning snow-white wedding gown adorned with a glistening gold crown. She stood before Heavenly Father’s throne, waiting for His approval. And you know what He said? “My Son’s Bride is coming forth!” Can you even imagine the thrill I felt hearing those words?

But that’s not all. As I watched this scene unfold, I realized that the time for the last stages of Christ’s Bride to be prepared for the love celebration had arrived. The hour is late – we can’t afford to put it off any longer. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and equip ourselves as the Bride for Christ’s return. It won’t be easy, but we have the Holy Spirit to empower us. We need to press into Him.

And guess what? I initiated a conversation with the Trinity about this, which turned out to be an invitation to go deeper. Are you ready to accept this invitation, or will you RSVP with “unable to attend”? Either way, know this – you are loved to the bone!

Heartache Over His Bride

I asked, “What’s on your heart Jesus?”

“My Bride, she’s My heart’s desire. She is precious in My sight. I gave My life for her. She isn’t her own. My Bride belongs to Me. Before I return for her, she must be purified. She must be ready to meet Me. In preparation for the marriage supper of the Lamb, My Bride must have her wedding garment on.

I’m guiding you with insight for My Brides because they are hungry for the real. So, first, I will fill your mouth with My Words. Then, many will join you in being My prepared Bride because your heart shines as a beacon to them.”

Solution to the Bride’s Preparation

“I will purify My Bride with My refining fire. She must be adorned and arrayed with My glory. Like a mirror, she will reflect My image. Just as I endured My cross and overcame the world, so will she. My Bride will walk the path I walked.

Even though the enemy closes in on her to destroy her, she will stand firm by leaning on Me until the end. No matter what comes, I’ll enable her to stand against the enemy’s onslaught.

The days ahead will be rough. My heart aches over what she must endure. The battles will be fierce, but I know and see the result. She will be victorious and declare My glory around the world. My Bride will seek Me with all her heart.

Before My Bride comes home to be with Me forever, she will push forward by faith, advancing Father’s Kingdom on earth!”

Holy Spirit Reveals His Concern

I asked Holy Spirit, “What’s on your heart this morning?”

“The task I have ahead of Me is to prepare the Bride for the return of her Bridegroom. My job requires cooperation from each Bride. How will they open their hearts and put into practice what is required of them? Then, I will send you to sound the alarm!

As you write, you will cause them to long for an intimate relationship with Jesus. Because of this, many will come and join you as His Bride. Others will shake their heads and walk away the same—unchanged.”

Heavenly Father Unveils a Mystery

I asked, “What’s on your heart Father?”

“My Son’s Bride. She’s lost and doesn’t wear His righteousness but her own. Her heart doesn’t long for the return of her Bridegroom. Instead, she’s fastened to the things of this world.

My Son’s Bride must come up to speed. She is lagging by not keeping up with the leading of the Holy Spirit. Rather than charging ahead by faith, she cowers in fear. Shift her up to the level of faith she is called to walk in. She requires a redirect in her spirit, not in her intellect. Teach her how to be led by the Holy Spirit, not her head. Open her eyes to see spiritually.

The best is coming for My Son’s Bride.”

The Invitation

Imagine finding yourself in heaven, in a breathtaking bridal gown, standing on the Fiery Stones with Heavenly Father facing you. His face is shrouded like a thick cloud, but you can feel His presence around you. Suddenly, He speaks with a gentle yet powerful voice, “I brought you here to develop an intimate bond with Me and to receive a piece of my heart. This is where My son’s Bride belongs – walking on the Fiery Stones with Me!” You feel an overwhelming sense of joy and peace, knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be. In the blink of an eye, you find yourself home, forever changed by the experience.

Can you imagine being part of such a divine love celebration? Well, you can be, my dear friend! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as Christ’s Bride, and follow His lead. Trust me, it’ll be an experience like no other!

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