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Bridal Heart Books

Dive into an epic Christian journey that unveils the splendor of God's unseen spiritual realm. Join me in the pages of my books as I share my encounters with the Holy Trinity, the majestic angels, my glorious trips to Heaven, and my interactions with heavenly saints. With each page turned, you'll discover the Holy Spirit drawing you closer to Jesus to experience a transformation that will change you forever.

Bridal Heart Book Series

Experience the Spiritual Journey of Your Dreams

Beyond Religion Into the Miraculous

Bridal Heart Scribe


Have you longed for an intimate chat with Jesus, encountering Angels, and the chance to understand the mysteries of Heaven?

This isn't just a dream—a miraculous reality I share with you in the pages of my book inspired by the Holy Spirit, Bridal Heart Scribe.

This book invites you to explore God's secrets and prepare for spiritual encounters that enrich your soul and deepen your faith.

Don't miss out... dive into this transformative adventure!

Step Into Your best life

Bridal Heart Diary Christian book by Kathleen Kaplan


Experience an out-of-this-world journey of love and spiritual wonder in the inspirational pages of Bridal Heart Diary.

Through my remarkable encounters with Jesus and angels and uplifting visitations to heaven, you will be immersed in the beauty of faith and the miracles that unfold when you embrace the call to become a Bridal Heart.

This book will take you on a revelatory journey of divine wisdom and help you experience a soul-stirring bond with Jesus that will shift you into a new realm with Jesus!

Preparing for Union with Jesus



Are you looking for a guided journey of wholehearted devotion to the King of Kings, Jesus? Get ready to be amazed by practical advice on living a life of divine purpose and fulfillment.

By staying vigilant and attuned to the spiritual realm, you will perceive the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father, Jesus, and even Angels.

This book, Bridal Heart, Life is a treasure trove that unlocks the full potential of your life in union with Jesus. So, get ready to live your best life!

Wisdom from the Cloud of Witnesses



In Heaven, a stadium filled with victorious Saints who have finished their race of faith are cheering you on in your spiritual journey with everything they’ve got.

These heavenly Saints faced the impossible and came out on top. Through my interactions with them, you will hear their biblically inspiring messages in 'Bridal Heart Saints.'

So, dive in and discover the cheering squad of Heavenly supporters rooting for you in the Cloud of Witnesses!

Book Reviews

Your books are a source of encouragement...

"Your journey with God over the years has been very inspiring, and the many times God has saved your life and done miracles for you, it has been very faith-building. Your books are a source of encouragement.

Your “Bridal Heart” books greatly encourage me as a 20-something who wants to faithfully love the Lord as His devoted bride in these last days. Thank you for providing an example of a life surrendered to God and a pattern of a bridal lifestyle devoted to Jesus. I hope to see Heaven’s Library someday, and I am confident your books will be on the shelf!"


Healing waters...

"The Bridal Heart books feel like stepping into the healing waters of the Holy Spirit. Whether you've been a Christian for years or are searching for God, these extraordinary books have the answers you are looking for, showing how to deeply know the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit."


Personal encounter with Jesus...

"I was brought to my knees by Bridal Heart Diary. I wept joyfully as it brought me into a personal encounter with Jesus. I found so many similarities with Kathleen's heartfelt stories that I longed for more profound experiences and conversations with Him. Father has given her compassionate insight for today's believers. Scripture backs up the whole book. We are here for His glory, and He has a glorious purpose for us as His beloved Brides. I'm stepping in. Will you? "


A must-read...

"Written within the pages of Bridal Heart Scribe is a beautiful portrait of a life guided, directed, and captured by the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. A must-read. It will encourage you to pursue a deeper walk with God."


Reveals heaven's mysteries...

"Bridal Heart Scribe reveals heaven's mysteries, spiritual keys, and practical knowledge of the spiritual realm—giving us hope in times of darkness, faith to endure, and the knowledge that we are never alone because Jesus is always with us."


Not an ordinary book...

"I started reading Bridal Heart Diary and found it not an ordinary book but extraordinary. It helped me develop a closer relationship with God."


A significant download...

"Kathleen's anointed book Bridal Heart Diary is a significant download of what a TRUE Bride of Christ is. Reading it evokes a deep understanding and a strong desire to be an authentic Bride. I'm on board!"



"These books are really awesome! They revealed Jesus and His unconditional love to me. They helped me overcome my doubts about God and the fears that ruled my life."


It blew me away...

"Kathleen's anointed Christian books took me on a 'wild ride' into the supernatural world of God! Her awe-inspiring angel encounters, loving messages from Jesus, and breathtaking trips to Heaven blew me away!" ."


Enrich your life...

"All who read this unique book will have a spiritual experience that will significantly enrich your life. This book goes beyond ordinary spiritual thoughts. Through practical experience, the author shares rare experiences, making it a must-read for those serious about their spiritual lives."




"After reading Bridal Heart Diary, I was impressed with the author’s authentic style and substance. This is a tremendous opportunity to understand and experience the spiritual realm. I highly recommend this book to all."