Are There Horses In Heaven?

Supernatural events are constantly happening, but they don’t usually occur how we depict them in our imaginations. For instance, Holy Spirit-empowered trips to heaven. We can’t picture what they’re like until we experience them.

Now that I’ve been to heaven, it’s no longer a fantasy but a reality. My trips are like a child being carried safely home in the loving arms of a parent. Then when I arrive, Jesus welcomes me with a beaming smile and whisks me off on a tour. He’s taken me to the glistening gold city of New Jerusalem, Heaven’s extensive Library, the Courts of Heaven where true justice reigns, the private vibrant fragrant garden of Jesus, the magnificent Throne rooms, and the countless stables containing magnificent white horses. So, yes, there are horses in heaven!

Heavenly Visit

On another occasion, when I was in the throne room of King Jesus, I saw white horses calmly standing. I asked Him, “Why are the horses in Your throne room?” Jesus answered me, “Because My return is drawing near, and preparations are being made. The Father hasn’t told Me the time is now to return, but it’s very near.”

The second coming of Jesus is described in Revelation 19:11-14 TLB. It includes white horses, “I saw heaven opened and a white horse standing there, and the one sitting on the horse was named Faithful and True—the one who justly punishes and makes war. His eyes were like flames, and on His head were many crowns. A name was written on his forehead, and only He knew its meaning. He was clothed with garments dipped in blood, and his title was “The Word of God.” The armies of heaven, dressed in the finest linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses.” Biblical confirmation that there are horses in heaven.

Heavenly Horse in the Making

Throughout my life, I’ve been passionate about horses and enjoyed riding them. They are one of Father’s most intuitive open-hearted creatures. Anyone who has spent time with a horse knows something extraordinary resides within them.

As a senior citizen, I no longer ride. However, the last time I enjoyed riding a horse took place in Pismo Beach, California. The stallion I rode was a rental horse from a local stable.

When I came to the rental checkout, the clerk asked if I was an experienced rider. I answered yes without thinking, but now I wondered why the question was necessary. So I asked. It turns out the available horse had a few behavioral issues. He requires an experienced rider. She described his problems to me one by one.

First, He bites his riders. Secondly, he rolls in the creek knocking them off his back. Thirdly, he continually resists the rider’s lead. I thought I bet he’s fighting for his dignity. Because his spirit is unwilling to plod down a path monotonously, so, this feisty horse had me at first glance. He was my kind of horse.

As we rode away from the stable, I kept a short rein preventing his neck from turning to bite me and kept him going in the direction I wanted. As we crossed the creek, he was no match for me. He tried to position himself to lay down, knocking me off his back, but no go. He snorted at my unwavering resistance, but I won that battle also.

Next, we approached the beach with a view of the turquoise ocean. I somehow knew this rental horse had never run full out. So, the best gift I could give him—the permission to run. To feel the wind flowing through his mane. To experience what Father created him to do. So, today was his day.

Divine Gift

By divine providence, we had been brought together for this moment. I gradually loosened my grip on the reins as I gently stroked his neck, whispering to him in his ear, “You are marvelous. Father created you to run. Let’s have some fun.” Then with a little kick in his side, he began galloping, eventually running full out in the ocean’s surf. As he ran, we became one as my body moved with his. His mane and my hair were flying in the wind. His heart was full, and so was mine. We were running free.

At that moment, I felt the presence of Jesus. He whispered to me, “Just as you released your grip on the horse’s reins blowing the hinges off of his limited life experience, so will I do with you. Just release your grip, don’t hold back. I’ll enable you to go beyond earthly limits.” In the wonder of that moment, I had the courage to reply, “I’m all in!” It was a landmark victory in my life.

I pocketed this milestone in my memory as one of my favorites. Periodically, I pull it out as a reminder to continue entrusting the reins of my life into my loving Master’s hands.